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“Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given and then throw yourself into that.”       
Galatians - New Testament
•  A highly customized and comprehensive process for envisioning your future direction

•  Experienced executive coaches that guide you to high impact outcomes

•  Valuable Input from interaction with professional peers

•  A weekend get-away in an intimate resort setting

•  Limited in size to no more than 12 people

Phase One - Pre-Work:
During the month before attending a Legacy Weekend, you complete several reflection assignments (e.g. asking for feedback on prior accomplishments from select friends and colleagues)

Phase Two - Weekend of Facilitated Reflection:
Over the course of 2 ½ days, you complete a variety of stimulating and thoughtful reflection exercises that illuminate your thinking and desires for the future, followed by interaction with spouses and professional peers. You also receive the first of four executive coaching sessions.

The major work- products from the weekend are a draft of your “Life Purpose Statement” and a “100 Day Action Plan” designed to provide some structure and accountability for following through on your good intentions over the next three months.

Afternoons on Friday and Saturday are free to enjoy recreational activities unique to the destination locale.

Phase Three - Post-Work
During the following 3 months, you complete several more reflection exercises designed to synthesize the results of your previous work. To assist you in this process, you receive 3 coaching sessions to facilitate and encourage progress towards your desired outcomes of:

   •  a clear, compelling expression of Life Purpose
   •  a robust description of your “highest and best” contributions in life
   •  a motivating vision for your future direction

The final work-product for the LW process is a six month “Low Cost Probes Plan” to research, explore, and evaluate the best possible vehicle for fulfilling your envisioned future.
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