Purposefully Shaping Your Future


 "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  

- Winston Churchill 


What is Your Next Big Thing ? How will you get there?

Legacy Weekend (LW) offers a “Roadmap” to start purposefully shaping your future by enabling you to:     

   Take stock of your current reality 

      Evaluate what are the things you most enjoy doing

          Envision future options 

             Create an initial plan to start moving toward your desired future


LW is a structured, facilitated approach to thinking about where you are headed in the next season of life - personally and professionally.  


Who would benefit from the LW?

     Small business owners ready to sell their business and do something new

          Couples with successful careers who wish to pursue other avenues

               Owners of a family business/farm/restaurant/ etc. ready to pass it along 

                    to the next  generation

                              Or anyone contemplating a major transition!

Outcomes from the “LW Roadmap” 

    Clarify your Passions and Motivations 

      Determine your “highest and best use” in life 

         Solidify your Life Purpose 

             Design a “Low Cost Probes Plan” to explore your future destination  


Consistent feedback from past participants confirm that the Legacy Weekend process is highly impactful and unlike anything you have experienced. 


How is Legacy Weekend DIFFERENT?

A highly customized series of reflection exercises to stimulate your thinking      

    Experienced executive coaches guide you to high impact outcomes  

        Gather valuable input from interaction with professional peers  

            A fun weekend get-away in the spectacular resort setting  of Taos, NM  

                  Limited in size to no more than 12 people 


LW is not a seminar! It's a three-phase process that brings dreams to life!

Phase One - Pre-Work:  During the month before attending a Legacy Weekend, you complete several reflection assignments (e.g. asking for feedback on prior accomplishments from select friends and colleagues)  


Phase Two - Weekend of Facilitated Reflection: Over the course of 3 days, you complete a variety of stimulating and thoughtful reflection exercises that illuminate your thinking and desires for the future, followed by interaction with spouses and professional peers. You also receive the first of four executive coaching sessions.  


The major work- products from the weekend are: a comprehensive summary of the things you do best; identifying your core driving values, motivating passions, and most impactful work outcomes; a draft of your “Life Purpose Statement;” and a “100 Day Action Plan” designed to provide some structure and accountability for following through on your good intentions over the next three months.   

Afternoons on Friday and Saturday are free to enjoy recreational activities unique to the Taos locale (e.g. seven art museums and numerous art galleries, hiking in mountains from 9,000’ – 13,000’, visiting the dramatic Rio Grand Gorge, and browsing among numerous quaint shops).   


Phase Three - Post-Work: During the following 3 months after the weekend, you will complete several more reflection exercises designed to synthesize the results of your previous work. To assist you in this process, you will also receive 3 additional sessions to facilitate and encourage progress towards your desired outcomes of: 


       a clear, compelling expression of Life Purpose    

            a robust description of your “highest and best” contributions in life

                  a motivating vision for your future direction   


The final work-product for the LW process is a six month “Low Cost Probes Plan” to research, explore, and evaluate the best possible vehicles for fulfilling your envisioned future. 


LW is designed for both spouses to think through their future options.

Reflection exercises are first done individually and then discussed as a couple


“I can’t thank you enough for opening your knowledge and your hearts to me. It was such an insightful and inspiring experience – one that I’ll be thinking about for quite some time.”  


President Marketing/Communications

Exercises, talking with my wife, and the affirmation of others at the Legacy Weekend opened my eyes to the fact that my puttering in the garage could be a vital support for a Half-Way House in our area.   Now I - computer engineer turned to “maintenance man” - am serving as part of a team offering women who have paid a high price for poor decisions to have a new start.  And my wife is thrilled with my energy and commitment.

M & S Stone

This weekend is a must. The best weekend we have spent together in years-very thought-provoking.   

B.Giaimo, CEO Restaurant Chain

We are so glad that we attended the Legacy Weekend! We received insight into each other that we might never have discovered on our own.  Rather than continuing working for many more years because we didn’t know what we would do with ourselves, we now are truly looking forward to our new venture together and hoping it can happen even sooner.  

J. Young, Business Broker

The weekend was really fun, in an intense, revelatory way.

A . Ohs, Program Consultant, CA Dept. of Education

My wife and I entered the Legacy Weekend with my inner feelings of dread as I looked toward the future.  As an oil industry executive I could not see a fulfilling role for myself within my wife’s dream to establish a permaculture farm in the Midwest.  The exercises provided a platform for us to share our unique perspectives.  And this cleared the emotionally charged air for me to begin dreaming of investing in young entrepreneurs while Jean “farms.”

D & J Thompson

"Your exercises gave us the opportunity and the structure to evaluate as a couple where we've been, and it laid the groundwork for 'oneness' as we move into the next chapter of our lives together.  We've especially benefited from the one-on-one coaching we received during and since the event.  This was a very special experience for us."

D & K Martin, entrepreneurs

"This weekend will stand out in my mind as a pivotal point in my life. The tools and process are so important and helpful to really understand how to move forward in my life and career."

M. Case, PhD, Advisor and Consultant

"This weekend has motivated me and given me confidence to pursue my dreams as well as given me concrete ideas on how to move forward. The most valuable part of the time for me was the safe atmosphere to open up in. A comfortable environment, delicious food, fun people, activities that helped me get to a profound level of interaction."

B. Case, Jewelry designer

"I have been given insight, tools, and vocabulary to unlock new possibilities and then be launched with energy, hope, and support to extend far beyond what I had dreamed. We came away with eagerness to work on pruning and honing who we are separately and together, so that the direction and investment of our lives goes much further than it would have gone without this opportunity."

M. Stratmeyer, Electrical engineer

"We had two experienced coaches, working so well as a team,...guiding us to know ourselves and our spouses at a new level - opening up the future for us...WOW! They are geniuses at tailoring each session and the whole weekend to the group and the opportunities that surface, so we all grew individually and as a community. Very powerful and worthwhile."

D. Stratmeyer - Teacher

“This is so effective! We’ve gone to “over 50“ conferences where it was talk after talk. But, this was individualized, deep, and meaningful.” 
B. Hook, business owner

“If you are looking for reflection, direction, and purpose for your life, please, I encourage you to come experience the Legacy Weekend for yourself. It is so worth your time and money.” 
C.Smith, interior designer

“We are so grateful for this weekend. It was certainly the perfect situation to encourage, guide, and stimulate us toward this next step in our lives”

Latin American entrepreneur

“We so much enjoyed and benefited from our conversations with such a like-minded, yet diverse group. Beyond the excellent coaching you both provided, we so much appreciate the authenticity with which you shared your hearts and lives.” 

Retired Air Force Colonel

“The exercises and sharing really helped bring clarity and eliminate a lot of distraction and voice of “good” things to do vs. “highest and best use” of my time.”

Keith - Business owner in Panama

“Susan and I made more progress in just a few days than we had in several years. I am excited how we might have an impactful future together!”    

Ed - Management consultant

“Honestly, I was dreading the weekend. I was afraid it would be too “touchy feely”. Much to my delight there was no using worn-out clichés to answer life’s problems. It was so refreshing! I feel inspired about our future…”

Susan - Corporate recruiter